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All About Arcade Lion

Welcome to Arcade Lion: the place for arcade fans across the UK.

Since we were old enough to mash a button we've been passionate about arcade games. We decided to create a resource where fellow fans can share and discover the locations of arcade machines in bars, cafes and other places across the UK.

The idea is simple:

  • Spot an arcade and tell everyone here where you saw it.
  • Want to find arcade machines? Go here and see what's already been spotted

That's it. Simple.

As someone who spots an arcade machine, you can have your achievement immortalised by adding your thoughts on the game, cabinet or anything at all really. There'll also be regular gifts and prizes for contributors so watch this space for more details.

If you like what we're doing follow us on twitter. Why not add an arcade while you're here

We hope you're as excited about discovering the amazing games out there as we are.

- Woody, December 2017